How Do I Tell If My Dog Likes Me?

2 June 2017

Now, if you are a serious pet owner, then you probably already know that the biggest test in living with pets is winning their trust, love and loyalty.

No matter how much time you spend with your pet, he may never fully get accustomed to you and some may never like you at all. In the case of dogs, it is fairly easy to tell as they make no effort in hiding their true feeling. So, do you want to know whether the chemistry between you and your canine friend has clicked or not? Read on for some positive signs that it has.

Does He Follow You Around A lot?

One way to know whether your dog likes you or not is whether he actually follows you around or not. If he keeps running after you whenever you are out doing some chores in the backyard or just wants to accompany you o the grocery store without making a call for them to do so, then chances are he has grown deeply fond of you.

However, beware of incentives that may make him follow you without necessarily being emotionally attached. For example, if you are always munching on something, the dog may get interested but this does not necessarily translates to liking of you.

Do They Love To Play With You?

This is yet another way to tell if your dog likes you. Normally, we get our pet dogs some toys to play with. However, you will notice a little disenchantment when you are not around. Playtime will not be as lively as when you are there with him. And whenever you join a long, the excitement gets even better.

For other dogs that are not the playful kind, they will substitute this affection by sleeping around you all the time. Either way, he is fond of you and enjoys passing his quality time in your presence.

Does He Choose You From Among The Rest In The Family?

Notice how the dog approaches you when you are in the company of all the family members. If he indeed likes you, he will feel more secure and reassured running to you before they can go near anyone else.

It is fairly easy to tell – just ensure you are in the presence of all the family members but be sited farthest from the door and perhaps not so visible. You will be surprised that he will pass by everyone else and come right where you are. In fact, the sound of your voice will draw him to you faster than the sight of everyone else.

Sitting on Your Lap

This is yet another way to tell that your dog likes you. This is especially observed among the smaller dogs. Sitting on your laps is not only a way of showing loyalty and love but as a means of expressing submission.

When they have had enough of sitting, they will simply fall asleep. As a pet owner, you are advised to take this opportunity to foster the bond between the two of you. Do not put him down as soon as he jumps on your lap and instead, have him there as long as possible so he may feel accepted.

Licking You

Dogs are known to express some of their deepest affections by licking, which explains why a mother will occasionally lick her cub, especially a cub that is sick, one that was previously missing or a cub in any other kind of distress.

It is this same behavior that dogs will exhibit to show they are so fond of you. You will especially see them licking your feet and your face as a way of expressing this deep, true love.

Obedience is a Sure Sign

A dog can be very veracious to everyone else but extremely gentle to you. This is a sure sign of a dog that not only respects you but is fond of you as well.

It can be seen in acts of defiance where he seems to obey no one but you. It can also be seen when training him. Leash training is a classic case to test this kind of love. If the dog is readily willing to take orders from you, then you need no other sign to show he likes you.


When your dog likes you, he will not make an effort to hide it. Look out for the signs above to see how deep this love is, or if it is missing altogether.

Remember, just like any other family member, you will only get along if you like and respect each otherr so do your bit and wait for him to meet his end of the bargain.